‘Kim has a real interest in helping people with Parkinson’s to maintain and improve their physical condition. I have worked with her to set up several classes tailored to Parkinson’s as her knowledge and enthusiasm make her a capable and popular exercise coach. I visited one class on Day 1 of their exercise course and again at the seventh session some weeks later, and I could see a significant improvement in people’s physical attainment.’

Kecia Harris, Parkinson’s UK.

‘I just love the exercises standing near my chair. I can now pick up things I have dropped, my stamina has improved and my agility is better. We laugh and joke with each other, we have made numerous new friends. I am nearly 80 now, I hope to be doing these exercises when I am 90!’

Jill - attends Stutton class

‘I am in my late seventies and it is two years since I joined Kim’s exercise group. I was dubious at first as I thought you just sat in a chair and stretched your arms or something. Nor at all! I am so glad I went. Kim concentrates on teaching various moves we all make as older people; keeping our balance so exercises are devised to sit to stand and sit again: walk around obstacles and over rough ground; to go up and down stairs; and when standing still to keep our legs hip distance apart which keeps us physically stable.

Our group is great fun, full of laughter and it is non-competitive. We just do what we can do until we are encouraged to do a little extra! And we have time for socialisation at the end if we want to stay for coffee and a biscuit and a chat. 

I lived in London and was sent to see a physiotherapist on a number of occasions for my problem with balance; it did not help but since coming to Kim’s class I’ve not fallen nearly as often. Find out if there’s a group near you: it’s worth it’.

Frances – attends Stutton Class